Restorative circle

Dean/Restorative Justice

Primarily, we are responsible for promoting positive student behavior through restorative practices, while providing appropriate and effective consequences (based on the Citywide Standards of Intervention and Discipline Measures) for negative behaviors that originate and/or are based on incidents that take place within the school community. Responsibilities include ensuring that students receive focused and timely restorative conferences based on the evidence gathered during the investigations. Additional responsibilities include, recording (monthly restorative intervention logs) and reviewing student discipline reports (OORS) to ensure adherence to the Chancellor’s Regulations; developing and implementing school-wide procedures and policies for students as they are related to conflicts, problems and safety issues. Lastly, in order to foster a safe, cohesive, and cooperative learning environment, the deans must strive to build appropriate social-emotional and respectful relationships within the entire school community.

From April 19th - April 29th, 2019, all NYC public Schools will be closed for Spring Recess.
Additionally, the New York State Math assessment will be administered on May 1st - 2nd, 2019. Please plan accordingly to ensure the success of our scholars.
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